In the heart of Concordia, KS is my Grandmother's childhood home. At its prime, it was a proud Victorian Painted Lady. Parties were hosted where my Great Grandfather played the piano and sang, a large garden fed the family, and the nearby farm that's still in my family contributed to the farming boom. Later, it became a B&B run by my Aunt and Uncle. Each room was themed, displaying historical family documents, photos of my grandpa's rodeo days, payments for the grand piano that serves as the heart of the house, and deeds on withered paper to plots of land around Concordia. Now, it serves as a place for my grandma to come and see to farm-related business and a retreat for my family. Maintained just enough to stay standing, it's a home to escape from city life, a place to be alone with your thoughts, go to shops where they remember your name and enjoy big sky sunsets provided by the heartland plane. At one time it was place to escape after finals, the midway point between school and home for a couple of Thanksgiving meals, and a place of inspiration. Now, it's been my base while pursuing projects like "Annie." Recently I turned inward, documenting the old walls of what my Grandmother calls Mother's and the former B&B, Crystal's.

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